RPX Warehouse and Distribution Center provides an integrated solution for all kinds of storage and distribution of goods according to customer requirements. RPX warehouse facilities are equipped to handle all warehouse services with the support of Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Guided by a simple philosophy to create the most optimized solutions for customers, RPX Logistics Warehousing provides integrated solutions for all warehousing needs of its customers. Perfection of the service is also optimized with the implementation of application Warehouse Management System (WHS) to improve logistics warehousing services, wherever the customer needs it.

Suite of services:

RPX delivers an efficient and controlled approach which we will benefit you a flexible and improved cost control.

  1. Supporting Services:
  2. Type of Warehousing Services
    • Chemical Warehouse
    •  General Warehouse
    •  Chilled Warehouse
    •  Frozen Warehouse Bonded Warehouse
  3. Reliable Warehouse Management System, Wherever you need it, RPX can provide a safe and secure warehouse management system with full inventory controls.
    1.  Sorting
    2.  knitting
    3.  Bar coding system
    4.  Hazardous Handling