RPX Agent

RPX Agent is one of a cooperative arrangement between RPX Group and the partner as the only one of RPX representative in certain city. The cooperation allows appointed partners to sell domestic and international door to door express service, pick-up and deliver customer’s packages. The appointed partners will also enjoy the benefit of being associated with RPX Group through the display of the logo at their own the location of operational office.


  1. Submit application letter to RPX Head Office-Marketing Dept., Pondok Pinang, Jakarta.
  2. Having legal entity which is Persekutuan Komanditer (CV) or Perseroan Terbatas (PT).
  3. Submit photocopy of the Company’s Establishment Act (Akte Pendirian Perusahaan) legalized by the Ministry of Justice, along with the alteration (if any); the Company’s Business Permit (SIUP); the Statement of the Company’s Tax Register Number (NPWP) and the Agent’s Sponsorship valid Identity Card.
  4. Submit photocopy of Company’s Financial Report legalized by the Public Accountant/Financial Auditor or the Company’s Bank Statement at least for 3 (three) months ago or the Letter of Company’s Tax.
  5. Submit photo and map of the agent’s office location.
  6. Pay a guarantee money (deposit) amounted of IDR. 10,000,000 (ten million rupiahs).
  7. Pay marketing fee amounted of IDR. 40,000,000 (forty million rupiahs).
  8. Submit a letter stating that the Company is not under any joint venture with any other party having similiar business with RPX.
  9. Agreed with the terms & conditions for the RPX agency by signing agreement as the start of this agency cooperation is valid for 1 (one) year period.
  10. Responsible to install RPX signage and pay advertisement tax to it’s local authority.


  1. Own representative office location with minimum building space 5 x 5 m2, located on main road and parking space available.
  2. Agent must provide minimum 4 (four) personnels who are responsible as Operation Supervisor, Sales, Courier and Front Liner/Customer Service. Preferably have experience in courier service business.
  3. Agent must provide standard of office facilities consist of counter desk, guest desk and chair, operational vehicles (van and motorcycle), phone and facsimile, air conditioner (AC) in the counter room, personal computer with internet access, measurement tape and weight scale with the capacity of scaling minimum 30 (thirty) kilograms in order to support operational activities.
  4. Agent’s personnels must have a training certificate issued by RPX Training Department, proving that she/he has passed RPX Agent training. Education background minimum Diploma 3 (D-3).
  5. Must have ability to do pick up and delivery for RPX Customers


  1. Able to sell domestic and international door to door express service.
  2. Able to achieve company’s sales target.
  3. Able to pick-up packages at customer’s site (if requested).
  4. Able to deliver packages to consignee immediately.
  5. Able to ship packages to nearest RPX station by air/land/sea transportation and responsible for transportation cost.
  6. Able to make daily report of outbound and inbound packages status.
  7. Able to provide personnels who has good performance and quality to support operational activities.
  8. Able to keep RPX brand image by control service standardization that given to RPX customers.
  9. Not allowed using RPX brand for interest out of above agreement.
  10. Able to renovate office condition regarding to agency requirements stated by RPX (if necessary).
  11. Always ask permission to RPX Head Office-Marketing Dept., Pondok Pinang, Jakarta first, every time the partner would like to hold activities using RPX brand (advertisement, promotion, event, press release, etc).


Door to door express service delivery to more than 200 countries, typically in 1, 2 or 3 business days, and next business day to thousands of U.S. destinations.

Door to door express service delivery before 12 noon (wib) the next business day.

Door to door express service delivery 1-2 business day depend on the destination.

Door to door express service delivery 2-4 business day depend on the destination.