Custom Clearance

Provides one stop import and export clearance service both air and sea, domestic and international.

This service helps, quickens and ease of the customer of RPX when processing customs by sea and air. Customs Clearance equipped with excellent facilities, which are:

  1. Customs System or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the Import Declaration (PIB) as well the Export Declaration (PEB) on air and sea transport to speed up clearance times that are directly connected to the customs system.
  2. Tracking System technology to track the current status of the goods and provide timely information easily and quickly when the customs
  3. Pre-clearance service that provides benefits to customers, such as:
    • Efficiency, which prevents high storage costs of having to fix the difference data items.
    • Ensure the time accuracy of any clearance process.
    • Accuracy to inspect any incoming goods data completeness.
  4. Supported by a professional and ready to assist clearance team in the various regions and international ports in Indonesia, such as in Surabaya, Semarang, Balikpapan and Medan.
  5. Export Consolidator Station, this service is focused in the examination and settlement of export documentation from the city of origin, which will accelerate the departure process shipments abroad.

The advantages of this facility will shorten the time the customer without having to take care of the administration and various documents related cargo in Jakarta, the efficiency of freight and cargo security is guaranteed.