Ancillary Services

Understanding customer needs in handling the administrative process of customs import document processing time, RPX presenting Ancillary Services. This service facilitates customers by providing customs documentation and processing of a variety of licensing documents for customers who do not have a license in order to facilitate the delivery of goods transactions.

The service of Ancillary Services for export and import includes

  1. Quarantine Permit

           Offering ease of maintenance of quarantine clearance

  1. Food & Drug Administration-FDA Recommendation

           Handling Permit Agency of Drug and Food

  1. General Importer Registration Number

           Providing Identification Number handling facilities General Import / API-U

  1. Special Importer Registration

           Service handling of Special Importer Identification Number-NPIK

  1. General Attorney – GATT

           Handling the attorney permit

  1. Board of Film Censor-BFC License

           Offering Board of Film Censor license permit

  1. Certificate of Origin-COO for outbound

           Handling services for the certification of initial departure location

  1. Telecommunication License

           Certification handling services of Posts and Telecommunications

  1. Trade Ministry License

           Handling permits from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia

  1. Registration Letter

           Provide handling facilities of Notice of Registration / Customs Registration Letter-SRP) /

           Number Registration Agenda – NAR.

           Registrasi Pabean–SRP) / Nomor Agenda Registrasi – NAR.